Company Profile

Radween is a Trading Company which is registered with Ministry Commerce and Industries of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under license # 62059. This company works in the fields of Collection, Processing, Packaging and Exporting of Afghanistan Dry Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Saffron, Cumin and Honey.

Radween Trading Company an Afghan Women Leading Company which is established for purpose of job placement, female access to employment opportunities, strengthening of Afghanistan government income and overall participation and taking active part in the Afghanistan private sector and business. Mrs. Anosha Farhad is the general president of this company and also leading other companies under the names of: Radween Manufacturing and Industrial Company, Cabotage Logistics Services Company and Almas Kookcha Freight and Transportation Companies as well.

Mrs. Anosha Farhad is the active members of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) and Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI)

This company is connected with different dry fruits farmers in various provinces of the country and always collected, purchased and deliver the required dry fruits from the provinces to Kabul city and stored in its factory. After that and according the demand and order of the local and international customers will clean, process, pack and then distribute and export to the entire costumers.

This company possess an equipped factory located inside Nasaji Bagrami in Kabul city which many women and men work in the field of dry fruits, saffron, cumin and honey. The products of this company possess the trade mark of Afghan women and the products of this company always distributed and exported under the trade mark and made in Afghanistan to other countries.

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